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Types of Documents You Should Shred and Keep Safely

Hiring professionals to shred business documents helps in safe and efficient destruction of documents. What you need to consider is what documents need to shred and what needs to be retained. These documents include credit card statements, insurance documents, investment reports etc. Knowledge about this task will ease and simplify the task.

List of important documents that you need to keep

Depending on what kind of documents you are dealing with, you can store a few of them and leave the rest of them. Let us begin paper shredding with the documents whose physical copies that you wish to keep:

  1. Birth and death certificates
  2. Pension plan documents
  3. Social security cards
  4. ID cards
  5. Passports
  6. Business license
  7. Marriage license
  8. Any insurance policy
  9. Living wills, and powers of attorney
  10. Vehicle titles
  11. Loan documents
  12. House deeds
  13. Mortgage documents
  14. Federal or state matters that includes licenses, certifications, or deeds.
  15. Tax receipts and records that are kept for 7 years
  16. Bank statements and pay stubs kept for a year
  17. Home sale, purchase, or improvement documents (that have been kept for a minimum of 6 years after selling them)
  18. Medical bills and records (keep for a minimum of a year after payment)
  19. Warranty receipts and documents
  20. Statements of annual insurance policy
  21. Social security statements
  22. Retirement plan statements

Financial Information

Anything that you have obtained from a financial institution can be a potential cause for an identity thief. Keeping bank statement and credit card copies for record-keeping is for only 3 years. This includes canceled checks, online purchase orders and voided checks that contain billing information and bank account.

Personal information

This information includes Date of birth and social security number that contains information that includes address, full name, work telephone numbers, home phone number, and license number of driver.

Account Information

Account numbers, passwords and usernames, are major data that identity thieves wish to capture. Shred mails that are printed with such information, like personal statement, property tax statements, credit card statements and bills. This implies that you shred mail that comprises of information pertaining to utility accounts, internet bills, cell phone, and similar bills that you receive.


Having a clear understanding of what to keep and what not to keep is simple. Once you do it, you can easily execute the shredding task.

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