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How To Differentiate Packaging Design For Different Cosmetic Product Lines Without Losing Brand Identity?

Cosmeceutical products are available in variety of forms ranging from skin care products to vitamins. It is essential to differentiate product lines but simultaneously maintain cohesive brand identity in the market. So, how will you differentiate product lines without any compromise on the feel of brand image?

It is crucial to associate separate product lines in concert, so as it makes sense to casual viewer. It does not matter, if you opt for changing visual elements or colors or structures of the printed cosmetic boxes.

Tips to differentiate packaging design for different cosmetic product lines


The most simple and better way to define different product lines is using colors. Subtle colors allow customers to easily understand the difference without any confusion, thus maintaining brand equity. Color offers boundless creative possibilities to distinguish product lines. You can use same tone of different shades or pair contrast shades to create a cohesive brand identity.

Visual elements

Logos, patterns, designs, and other visual cues blend your brand image, when different color shades are used to define product lines. On the other hand, same color scheme can be used but change visual elements to set the packaging apart or colors can be paired with different patterns and make different product line look unique. If graphics possess similar style then it helps to create more amalgamated brand image.


Brand manufacturers manufacture standard and high-end product lines to fulfill the needs of every kind of their customers. Several skin care lines include signature luxury products, which require special packaging to reveal its lavishness. If the manufacturer opts for all same elements then unique packaging structures will be the best way to separate the product line. For example, bold structure can be employed for luxury product line, which expresses value for buyers.

Texture also helps to distinguish different product lines and improve perception of high end items. Techniques like embossing & debossing, as well as touch coatings also help to differentiate product lines.

Different but cohesive

The most crucial thing to bear in mind, while considering how to distinguish cosmetic packaging line is avoid making a lot of changes, at the same time. There has to be an element that links your cosmetic packaging design to each of your product line, which needs to be noticeable to the consumers. Branding must never be compromised, while you plan a packaging design that separates your different product lines.

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