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Five Important Benefits of IAM Systems for your Business

These days, security concerns and the potential of users to work outside company facilities and firewalls demand the use of identity and access management (IAM) systems. The systems secure, stores, and manage the identity of users and their access privileges. They make sure users are who they say they are and will provide access to resources and applications only when they have permission to use them. These systems can be deployed in the cloud or on premises. Here’s why IAM systems can benefit your business:

They Offer Centralized Access Control

Having too much access to some systems are dangerous and too little access can hamper employee productivity and frustrate users. With IAM, you can set centralized policies for the right access privileges.

Every role and attribute of your user can be used for determining the resources they have permission to access and to what extent. As a result, your business will enjoy better security, versatility, and ease of management.

They Improve User Experience

These days, customers interact with your organization across several channels. IAM helps to offer a better experience through self-service capabilities, SSO, and unified customer profiles. These allow for easy and quick communication processes.

Meanwhile, your employees can access the information they need conveniently and securely regardless of their location. Thus, productivity won’t be confined to their desk.

They Reduce the Possibility of Data Breaches

With IAM solutions such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO), your employees do not need to remember many passwords. Rather, they can offer their identity using evidence-based authorization like answering a personal question. Also, IAM is equipped with advanced encryption tools to offer sensitive data and minimize the risk of compromised user credentials.

They Help Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Today, businesses should meet the changing regulatory requirements in terms of data access governance, privacy management, and user management. IAM is made with these things in mind and offers control over the people who can access certain data and it can be shared and used.

They Minimize IT Costs

With IAM, a lot of aspects of identity, authentication, and authorization management are automated and standardized. This will help you reduce substantial labor costs you may have to incur when securing your business environment. IAM solutions equip you with security without sacrificing convenient and usability. To successfully run your business in this digital age, you need to seriously consider when to adopt IAM systems within your organization.

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